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age: 24
mbti: entp/esfp
occupation: none/disability
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i cry over sebastian spence, edward norton, and mischa barton a lot.

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on new anti-anxiety meds permanently, which is a good thing. i see the gynecologist in four weeks to find out if i'm having a complete hysterectomy or not because of my endometriosis and cancer related problems. i also need to see the rheumatologist ASAP because of hip/knee pains.

In honour of all those suffering with ALS, and for my good friend Barbara, I’m going to take this bucket and I’m going to dump this over my head. [x]

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Sebastian Spence as Daniel Sanders in “Crash Site

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Sebastian Spence as Young Gerry in “The Outer Limits

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Sebastian Spence in “Pour Retourner" [Short] 

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Sebastian Spence as Noel in “Mutant X

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That AU where Castiel and Chuck have known each other for a long time and are in love with each other.

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AU: Things become complicated for Chuck when he falls for the weird and newly single, freelance photographer father, Castiel, after a one night stand.

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1.01 Sophie

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Happy 34th Birthday, Rachel!

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GET TO KNOW ME;; Favourite Female Characters: Grace Hanadarko

So double up on the Hail Marys?

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